The Gatineau entrepreneur who facilitates sleep on a trip

For many, sleeping while traveling can be a daunting task. Neck pain and back pain are some of the sensations that can be felt when you wake up. To remedy these aches, the young entrepreneur Gatinoise Anne-Lise M. Plante has found a solution that will certainly please travel enthusiasts.

A detached-Lise is 22 years old. Assisted by her mother Lise and sister Laurence, she launched her product ALLasleep last August. Made entirely in Quebec, this eye mask allows travelers to sleep while sitting on the plane, the train, the bus and even the automobile, while keeping their head upright. The travel accessory attaches to the headrest of your seat and attaches to each side of your face, to avoid falling asleep and waking up a few hours or minutes later with a stiff neck.

Anne-Lise knows her travels. Since she was born, she and her mother have been taking a sabbatical every five years to explore the world.

She has lived in Ivory Coast for one year, in Mexico and Australia. It was when she flew for the first time without her mother that the young entrepreneur realized a real need for travelers. She decided to fix it.

“It was really at that moment that I got the idea, because I realized that I did not always have a little mom to hold my head and help me sleep,” he says. she laughs. A year or two ago, I went to Florida and I still had the same problem on the plane. It’s really where I started working on prototypes. ”

Delivered free to the country and south of the border, ALLasleep will be available at all CAA-Quebec branches in the coming weeks.

“People will often want to see and touch it before buying it, so it will really be a big plus for consumers,” she says.

Anne-Lise says she intends to stay in her local on Industriel Road in Gatineau for several more years.

“We love Gatineau and we really want to continue working here. Eventually, we would like to expand and sell our product around the world, but to serve Canada and the United States, everything would go through Gatineau, “she says with a smile on her face.

A successful test hand-to-hand

In January, occupational therapist Janelle MacKinnon conducted an evaluation of the ALLasleep. His conclusions were positive.

“This product helps maintain a neutral neck position when seated in an airplane or other means of transport, so that the head does not tilt to the sides or forward,” she explains. The mask adds a twilight effect, which promotes relaxation. ”

Travel enthusiasts can purchase the product for $ 39 online at the ALLasleep website and soon at Amazon. The product is also available on site at the company premises.

“We have a little more models here that we try to keep for Gatineau and who are not on the web,” she says.

In a month, Anne-Lise will visit Japan. Upon her return, she plans to launch a special collection that will have an Asian flavor.

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