The illusion of happiness according to Raton Lover

“Is this the time to talk about group therapy?” Around the table, the joke launched by guitarist Éric Blanchard is welcomed into the fun by his fellow Raton Lover. Still … With a bunch of new songs anchored in the challenges, the Quebec group has certainly asked about the subject in the creation of titles “Change Sidewalk”, which arrives in the bins Friday.
Oneside serious, another more frosty. Since 2014, the quintet has been exploring contrasts throughout its songwriting career. His new effort is no exception. “There is a dichotomy in Raton Lover. I do not know why, but it lives in us, summarizes the singer and songwriter Simon Lachance. The third album is both a leak and a meeting. That begs the question: “If I met in the street tomorrow morning, would I be able to look at myself in the face or pretend I did not recognize myself?” Every song revolves around this axis. There is always an awareness and an attempt to escape that follows. The album in general is a bit like a therapy. “

Lachance does not hide it, he recently himself felt the need to seek help. “This is the best choice I have made in the last seven years,” says the one who, with his accomplices, wanted to take a stand on this approach.

“I think we live in a society that values ​​the appearance of well-being and happiness,” he says. But I think that it has its limits and that we are reaching these limits. We had something in common while we were writing the album: one of our friends took his life. I think if he could talk to a professional or even his family, probably it would not have happened that way. It is a person who had in his many talents that of showing that he is well. And he was really very talented in that. ”

Simon Lachance is categorical: “If you’re not well, it should not be taboo to consult, he slice. I did a therapy and I chose to talk about it in this album. I think we should demystify that. It’s not dark , it’s not heavy. It’s okay to be fallible. It’s ok to make mistakes and make mistakes. It’s part of everything. From the moment we refuse these themes, it is there that we become sick, because we do not allow ourselves to be fully what we are in the good as in the bad.

Revisiting the Way

To Change Sidewalk , Raton Lover has re-slotted the cards. While his previous album was largely created on tour, this one was done away from the boards. Even musicians admit to having refused shows to focus on writing. Result? Group sessions for the less prolific when were born a good twenty songs.

“It was important to take the time to get out more,” says guitarist Simond Guénard. Two years ago, we did that on the road. We had deadlines: we were on tour and it was the studio in the fall. So we just had the number of songs to make the album. There, we were spoiled for choice. Having a slightly wider palette allows you to go in more directions, but at the same time, to have a better unity. ”

With Ghyslain-Luc Lavigne at the console and Andre Papanicolaou at the realization, Raton Lover offered the luxury (or the risk!) To record everything live , the five members in the same room.

“When Ghyslain was going up the studio, he asked us if we were sure we wanted to do that. He was like, “You do not have the right to make mistakes, you guys!” He describes himself as an excellent hamster. He likes to destabilize. The musicians, when you take them out of their comfort zone, they can give you little jewels. He knows this psychology very well and he works with it, “says Simon Lachance.

“It’s done so that you do not fall into your slippers,” adds his colleague multi-instrumentalist Frédérick Desroches.

The experience will have ultimately been a carrier for the Raccoons. “It was very Zen like sessions. This is the first time I left the studio and I felt so good, “confirms Eric Blanchard.

“It’s the best studio experience we’ve ever had,” says bassist Martin Plante. It was relaxed , we did not break our head, we did not focus on small details. In the studio, when your ears are sharp after a few days, you can start focusing on small things and it can take time. ”

It must be said that with three albums in five years, the Raccoons begin to have seen others … “When we spent 45 days touring the five guys in the van , we learn to discuss and work together, says Simon Luck. I think that we are reaping the benefits of that … ”

Raton Lover will officially launch the album Change of Sidewalk during a five-to-seven at the Grand Théâtre on September 12th. Doors open at 5 pm, service at 6 pm Free access.

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