“The leaders!” And the dragons are renewed

Making an Elyse Marquis of myself, “I would ask you to stop everything please, I have an announcement to make you”: the show “Les chefs!” Will return in the spring for a 10th season, and “In the eye of the dragon”, for a ninth season, on ICI TV.
Inthe case of Chefs! , the most recent season, won by Alex Bouchard, rallied 722,000 faithful on Monday at 20h on ICI TV. It was clear that the broadcaster was not going to let go of a winning concept.

For its part, In the Eye of the Dragon has retained 691,000 viewers on Wednesday at 20h, in a fairly rejuvenated formula. Only Dominique Brown was back, the panel of dragoons having been renewed with the arrival of Marie-Josée Richer, Isabèle Chevalier and Nicolas Duvernois, which gave a more “human” dimension to the concept. We do not confirm for the moment which of them will be back next season, any more than for the judges of the Chefs!

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