The Levis Mosque receives a letter of intimidation

The Levis mosque received a letter of intimidation on Thursday in its mailbox. A complaint to the police of Lévis was filed and an investigation was opened.

The letter, addressed to a certain Mohamed and written from newspaper cuttings, said: “Do not talk anymore, do not criticize, keep on praying until you die !! It will be so. “On the envelope, the person took care not to write by hand, but to use a stencil.

The missive triggered anger and anguish in the Muslim community of Lévis, a few days after the shooting in mosques in New Zealand.

“The individual who wrote the letter is trying to stir up trouble in the community. And he was successful, it’s worrying, especially since the word death is used, “denounced the imam of the mosque, Karim Elabed.

“We are starting to be revolted by all this. We are targeting ourselves, it has become a game to destabilize us and make us feel that we are not welcome. It’s sad, “lamented the iman.

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