The motorcyclist with his hands is guilty of a guilty plea

André Saint-Cyr, a 59-year-old Nicolet man known as the “wandering motorcyclist”, pleaded guilty Tuesday to all the charges against him at the courthouse of Trois-Rivières. The man will now have to serve an 18-month jail term in the community, a joint suggestion of both parties that was upheld by Justice Pierre Lortie.
On will remember André Saint-Cyr was arrested in the summer of 2018, after being shot by a passerby who had observed his ride in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood in Trois-Rivières. The man was riding a motorcycle and stopping near passersby to ask them his way. However, he made sure to speak in a low voice, so that the women approached him to hear better. At that moment, he pretended to lose his footing and clung to the women’s chest to regain his balance.

A video broadcast on social networks will quickly identify the suspect, who was arrested. Following the dissemination of the images and the media coverage of the case, other victims came forward to the police. In the end, 24 victims lodged a complaint against André Saint-Cyr, for identical acts that were committed in two different neighborhoods of Trois-Rivières between 2016 and 2018.

During his arrest, André Saint-Cyr made incriminating statements to the police during his interrogation, indicating that it was only for a “little feeling, not more than that. It was only to touch, nothing more. After his appearance, he also addressed the media in order to apologize to the victims and his family. “I want to apologize to the victims, the parents of the victims, their entourage, their friends. I also apologize to my co-workers, my family and everyone around me. I know it’s not the end of the world what I did but it’s not right. I know it and I apologize a lot. This is the only case I have done bad in my life. I should be ok; I hope the world will continue to trust me, “he said.

The Crown, represented by Catherine Lacoursière, and the defense provided by Pénélope Provencher, took note of the victims’ statements, which were provided in writing. Most of them have told the court that they have been fearful since their actions, suspicious of walking alone in the street, or towards men and strangers. Several said they had increased security measures in their homes, and two of them also said they were shocked by the accused’s statement to the media, saying he was minimizing the scope of his actions.

The parties also reminded the judge that the man is without a judicial record, that he has sexally followed up on 12 meetings and that he has also stopped using cannabis. The media coverage of the case also caused him great stress and made him lose his job as a chef at the time.

Justice Lortie therefore endorsed the joint suggestion of the two lawyers on the record and sentenced the man to 18 months in the community. André Saint-Cyr will be required to be at home 24 hours a day for the first six months, then must have a curfew between 8 pm and 7 am the following six months, and finally a curfew between 10 pm and 6 am for the rest of the sentence. He will also have to undergo a sexological follow-up.

It is forbidden to communicate with the 24 victims in this case, nor even to go to their place of work knowingly. On this condition, his attorney, Mr. Provencher, cast a flat, since the man claims he would not be able to recognize any of his victims, since they were chosen at random and he did not no knowledge of their identity.

The man will also have to undergo a two-year probation which will include a sexological follow-up and the prohibition of owning weapons or using drugs.

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