The north american equity markets ended the week in the red

Les marchés boursiers nord-américains terminent la semaine dans le rouge

TORONTO — north american equity markets ended a difficult week on Friday, as oil prices plunged, and the canadian dollar retreated to a low of 19 months.

Several concerns have influenced the decisions of investors, in particular the rhetoric of the u.s. president that a partial shutdown looming of the government’s long-term.

The risk is high these days, and Friday’s session was a perfect example of the multiple potential vulnerabilities in people, said Ian Scott, a securities analyst at Manulife asset Management.

“We are, in some way, in a kind of free fall, until we get answers to some of these things”, he stated during an interview.

The composite index S&P/TSX index of the Toronto stock Exchange has cleared 206,33 points to close the session at 13 935,44 points. The parquet floors toronto has lost about 660 points, or 4.5 percent, over the whole of the week, and it has decreased 8.3 percent since the beginning of December, so that there remain only four sessions a year.

A rebound in the short term is always a possibility in the coming days, but the year seems to be a to sign up in the loss column.

“We have come to the same conclusion.”

All sectors of the toronto market have retired on Friday. The most significant declines have been those of the group of information technology and health, that have made, respectively, to 3.16% and 2,91%.

They were followed by the three influential sectors of finance, energy and industry.

The energy group has sold 1,86 percent, the price of crude oil having retired from 29 US cents to 45,59 per barrel on the Exchange of raw materials, of New York.

On the currency market, the canadian dollar traded at an average price of 73,71 US cents, down from its average price of 74,10 US cents on Thursday. The loonie has lost more than one US cent this week.

The sectors consumer discretionary, consumer staples and materials have registered the declines in the less important of the day.

In New York, the average Dow Jones industrial has lost 414,23 points to 22 445,37 points, while the index expanded S&P 500 fell two percent, assignor 50,84 points to 2416,58 points. The composite index of the Nasdaq has retired from 195,41 points to 6332,99 points.

Also the Exchange of raw materials, of New York, the price of gold has made 9,80 US $ 1258,10 per ounce, while that of copper fell 2.25 cents to 2,67-US $ the book.

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