The owner of Potton’s dogs accused of criminal negligence

Arrested last August, the owner of three dogs who had savagely attacked a woman from Potton Township in March 2019, Alan Barnes, will eventually be charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm.
Habitant himself Potton, Mr. Barnes appear Monday Granby courthouse. His appearance was hoped by many, since Dominique Alain saw his life rocking due to the attack perpetrated by the three mastiffs.

Attacked by dogs, Dominique Alain defeats predictions

Violent dog attack in Potton: the owner is surprised

Potton Mayor Jacques Marcoux says he is “sad about what happens to the individual himself,” but argues that the accused’s dogs have, in all likelihood, bitten citizens several times during their stay. life.

“From the moment Dominique Alain was attacked, there was a series of denunciations of bites and attacks that occurred before. It is up to everyone to keep control over their dogs and Mr. Barnes has been careless of this point of view. It is now up to the courts to deal with the case, “says Marcoux.

The people of Potton and Quebec in general were shocked by the attack on Ms. Alain while she was jogging in front of Alan Barnes’ residence. The people of Potton would talk less about the case today, but a lot of them “want sanctions on this file,” says the mayor of the municipality.

Remember that the Township of Potton began to amend its municipal bylaws after the attack of the three dogs, which occurred on March 29th. In addition, the municipality has delegated the management of dangerous dogs on its territory to the Humane Society of Estrie.

Without too much surprise, Dominique Alain welcomed the decision to lay a charge against Barnes. “It’s good that justice is done. It’s to follow. I hope they will show their guilt, “said the main interested party.

Mrs. Alain had a long list of surgical procedures in the months following the attack on the three dogs, which were euthanized. It was mostly his arms and legs that were affected.

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