The price of parking in hospitals, almost a boon

In response to Elisabeth Fleury’s “Exorbitant parking fees” article published on September 4
Il 40 years ago, during my first trip to Florida, one of the security guards of the building where we stayed had told us his pathetic story. Retired, he was to hold this position because he had undergone coronary bypass surgery. The surgery and the 12 days of hospitalization resulted in an account of $ 20,000 US or $ 98,000 CAD in today’s dollars. Without insurance, he had to sell his house to pay the costs of American medicine, which is dictated by the law of profit from private universities to insurance companies, through pharmaceuticals and of course hospitals.

Here, we dare to complain about parking fees that are high, but not exorbitant. The hotel we stayed in last May required $ 25 per day to park the car. And we were out of season. Usually it’s $ 35.

No one in Quebec will declare bankruptcy because of the hospitalization expenses. This is the number one cause of personal bankruptcies in the United States.

Parking is very expensive to build, maintain and not to mention the municipal taxes. Twelve or twenty-four dollars a day is very cheap to pay for the medical services you receive, because part of the cost is used to finance the first budget item of the Government of Quebec. Some have forgotten that health accounts for half of the province’s expenditures.

And there is not only hospital parking that seems to disturb. We do not want to pay for the use of bridges. We prefer to give a $ 20 to Red Nose when it’s not less, rather than coming back by taxi or getting a hotel room. Yet a charge of impaired driving generates fees of several thousand dollars.

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