The prison for the amateur mixologist who ignited his friends

Young adults must be made to take responsibility for their drinking, Judge Steve Magnan reminded them by imposing a nine-month sentence on Rémy Crête, who was guilty of igniting two friends during a flambé cocktail party.

C rête, 29, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing injuries to his friend Alex Bouchard-Mathurin and his girlfriend Émy Perron, who was 17 at the time.

On May 29, 2017, Rémy and Alex go to a bar in Grande-Allée to watch how the mixologists prepare cocktails before setting them on fire.

They then bring the necessary ingredients and make their own flambé cocktails at Remy’s in Limoilou.

Both young men and Émy consume a lot of alcohol in the evening.

Rémy Crête will pour vodka once on the head of his friend Alex. The latter is angry and goes to the bathroom to wipe.

A few minutes later, Crête arrives with a 94% alcohol bottle and sprinkles Alex, sitting on the couch. As he gets up, Alex hears a lighter sound near his ear. He ignites immediately. Émy rushes on her friend to extinguish the fire. She will also flare up and faint.

Both youths had severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the face, chest, shoulders and had multiple skin grafts.

Alex and Émy were also plunged into anxiety and anger. They both dropped out of school after the events.

The accused Rémy Crête, a young man without a judicial record, lived with great difficulty with the consequences of his actions. Suicidal, he had to stay in a crisis center. He says he has completely stopped drinking alcohol.

Not a voluntary gesture

Judge Steve Magnan sees no reason to dismiss the accused’s version, saying he never deliberately ignited his friend. Crête has rather tried to light a cigarette without thinking of the risks associated with alcohol vapors.

His lawyer, Pierre Néron, was asking for a conditional discharge for his client, who wants to work again as a beneficiary attendant.

Judge Steve Magnan of the Quebec Court refused this request. The judge wanted to emphasize the goal of general deterrence and denunciation in order to make young adults aware of the consequences of getting drunk and making unwise acts. “Drunkenness removes inhibitions and often leads to the commission of serious offenses with serious consequences. This is the case, “wrote Judge Magnan.

The judge imposed a sentence of nine months of detention on Rémy Crête, three months less than what Crown Attorney Matthieu Rochette claimed. Crest will also be on probation for three years.

On leaving the courtroom, Émy was happy that Remy Crête finally suffered, too, the consequences of this drinking that turned into drama. She received the judge’s comments on the risks of intoxication. “You have to have a head on your shoulders anyway, if you want to drink,” says the young woman.

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