The singer R. Kelly, accused of paedophilia in a documentary

Le chanteur R. Kelly accusé de pédophilie dans un documentaire

NEW YORK — The singer and american producer R. Kelly is accused, in a documentary broadcast Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to have had sexual relations with several young girls under the age of 16 years old, when he was himself a major, of the facts subject to criminal prosecution.

The Long six hours, this new documentary, aired by the cable channel Lifetime in six episodes, offers a new light on the charges which for several years Robert Sylvester Kelly, whose real name.

The singer and producer of 51 years, author of the hit I Believe I Can Fly, had been charged in 2002 for having filmed sexual acts between him and a young girl of 14 years, but eventually acquitted in 2008.

The team of Surviving R. Kelly (Survive to R. Kelly) has made dozens of filmed interviews with people who had been associated with the artist.

Old singers tell of witnessing sexual intercourse between R. Kelly and three young girls under the age of 16 years, including singer Aaliyah (who died in 2001, aged of 15 years old at the time.

These facts are liable to criminal prosecution in several States, including Illinois, where was R. Kelly, who is originally from Chicago.

The mother of Aaliyah, Diane Haughton, has denied these allegations, qualified as “inventions”, and accused the singer Jovante Cunningham to be “a liar”, according to a statement posted on the official account of the singer.

In the documentary, other women have R. Kelly as manipulative, violent, and focused on very young women, which he demanded that they call him daddy (daddy).

Lizzette Martinez, who met at age 17 while he was approaching thirty, had been the victim of harassment, mental and”physical abuse” during their relationship which lasted several years.

“By abusing me in this way, it stole my life,” she says in the documentary, directed by Dream Hampton. “I don’t think he understands how much we, girls, are impressionable and at what point these episodes are traumatic for us. They change you forever.”

Contacted by AFP, the house of discs of R. Kelly, RCA, did not respond, not more than the artist himself, also requested.

In may, the platform of online music Spotify had removed it from its lists of reading all of the securities of R. Kelly, after an appeal by the movement Time s Up to “cut ties” with the singer.

After it announced that it reserves the possibility to do the same with any artist in the behavior considered to be “harmful or hateful”, Spotify had finally made volte-face and renounced.

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