The SQDC does not give its sales figures

A week after it opened, is the new Sherbrooke branch of the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) attracting many potato drinkers?
TheCrown corporation does not disclose the sales figures of its businesses or give the appearance of the traffic of its branches, confirms Fabrice Giguère, spokesman of the SQDC, when joined by La Tribune.

The SQDC only discloses its balance sheet on an annual basis, he adds. We never isolate the figures by branch. Sales at the 1681 store on King Street West can not be compared with sales at the Drummondville and Granby branches.

Remember that the Sherbrooke branch, the 19th of the network, opened on September 3rd. That morning, a hundred people lined up outside the front door.

Initially, the opening was scheduled for late November. The cannabis trade, open seven days a week, gives work to twenty people.

On the side of the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS), we did not notice an increase in offenses related to the use of cannabis sold to the SQDC.

Young adults

Tuesday in the middle of the afternoon, the place was quite busy. A good dozen employees swarmed behind the sales counter. Almost as many customers were in front of them to shop.

The clientele consisted of young adults. An advisor could be heard suggesting “responsible consumption” of the purchased product.

The displays were very well stocked.

A security guard greeted people at the entrance and showed them the way to the store.

When you ask one of the staff members whether the traffic has been so strong since the opening, she says yes.

“It’s not bad always like that,” replied the young woman.

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