The Three Chords: a lot of fun, indeed!

CRITIQUE / The Three Agreements released last fall the very well named “Pleasure”, an album that stands out for its particularly percussive and dancing side.

D isons it promised for the show. Backed by giant beach balls, frantic maracas, a faithful cow bell (among others!) And an irresistible selection of songs, the Drummondvillois flat ever fully met expectations on Friday. Even they have added a layer!

The Imperial was full for this reunion with the popular training (Saturday concert too). An audience that raked broad, children with white heads. And above all, a crowd well prepared to enter the beautiful madness of the Three Chords. It began with an explosive welcome as soon as the band set foot on stage and the enthusiasm did not dull the evening, while virtually all the songs (even the news, which have obviously been adopted) were vigorously resumed by the audience.

At the height

The Three Agreements arrived well armed to live up to the fervor of their fans in the capital. The musicians Joannie Labelle and Mélissa Lavergne come to swell the ranks of the formation for the present tour to ensure that the percussive flap (and why not add a little keyboard, melodica, xylophone or recorder) of Lots of pleasure come to life on the boards. We confirm it, it sounds! And it illustrates once again a fact that has been affirmed many times over the years: if The Three Agreements can approach the song from an offbeat angle and sometimes a little absurd, they are musically rigorous. And a dangerous efficiency on stage!

If the recent songs have almost all been interpreted – a special mention to the frenzied Corinne, to the more than pleasing Albino three-quarters and to Simon’s eyes, as unifying as it is self-referential – the quartet has of course done honor to his older successes. Her name was Serge and Hawaiian (after a false start) were soon to make their appearance. Far from here and Really beautiful (with his gazou solo) have not missed their effect. Bamboula and Grand Champion disheveled the Imperial and lovers who love each other was particularly well served by the addition of percussion. And it is on the air of Return to the institute that this frankly successful evening ended with the second reminder.

While Friday’s show was mostly on the floor, we also had some more intimate parentheses. Like this “moment-stool” in which Simon Proulx launched the intense Dolphins and Unicorns in one-on-one, resumed in one voice by the public. Ditto for the Saskatchewan classic. But we also remember the sincere thanks of the members of the group, who seemed really happy with the meeting.

“It’s always special in Quebec, I do not know what’s in the air here,” said Simon Proulx. Absentees who would like to recover: an additional was added December 20 to the Imperial.

Zen Bamboo

In the early evening, the colorful Zen Bamboo Training offered a well-packed portion of its fiery rock. After four mini-albums, the quartet is playing on his first complete album. If his performance on Friday did not transcend the public, we bet that the explosive finale has given many the desire to hear more.

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