The words of the world with Samian

Samian launched on September 6th a fourth album, “The Messenger”. The rapper also finds himself, as animator, the center of the documentary series “Around the world”, which made him travel to the four corners of the globe to meet individuals who chose to live far from society. modern, in complete rupture with the current consumerist models.
Thesecond episode (this first season has 10) airs this Tuesday, September 10, at 9 pm (several reruns are planned over the week),

This double exit is a coincidence of the calendar, and the two projects have no connection between them, said the artist from the community of Pikogan Abitibi-Témiscamingue, recalling that the songs were all written before the shooting of In the margins of the world .

The title of the disc shows some questions Samian about the impact that his songs have had over his wanderings. This messenger is of course him. “Yes, I perceive myself as a message carrier (s); it has always been present [in my texts] and I will not derogate … ”

He therefore persists in The Messenger , where he starts by apologizing for ” Words “, which, in turn, “bohemians” or “sentinels”, “travel”, oxygenate, “heal” or scare. Before extending the exercise on Immortals – biographical song punctuated in duet with the Franco-Ontarian rapper Le R – to caress the hypothesis that his words will resonate even after his death.

DJ Horg

On this record, Samian puts his words on music of his old accomplice DJ Horg. The tandem has a clear guideline: to identify “what made us discover and love hip hop”, and “find our influences” first.

Today, hip hop has taken avenues and tangents totally different – and that’s ok, it takes something for everyone – but here, for the first time, I really wanted to make a record with the sound of what we listened to in my youth, “in the 90s.

DJ Horg and he are “back to the base of rap, with a MC and a DJ. We wanted samples , scratches , boombap and the rhythm and poetry side , which puts the lyrics in the foreground.

Paradoxically, “we have explored the music much more on the last album [than on the previous ones], with a lot of musicians and choirs. We were in an exploration zone, [to try to] exceed certain limits. That we like it. But at a given moment, you want a homecoming. I wanted to hear our influences on a record we had created ourselves. ”

“I am extremely proud of this project. It’s a great way to get back to your roots and pay tribute to those beats , to the emotions we felt when we put the needle on our vinyls. And I can say “Mission accomplished!”, It sounds exactly as we wanted, “he says.

On this new album, he composed a song in memory of his father, who ended his life among the homeless, before dying. The play, which served as the first excerpt, deals with “my reunion with my father, and being able to accompany him to the end of his life”, at the time when Samian was shooting his documentary Fentanyl: the threat .

Far in the margin

A portrait that has “nothing to do” with the “marginals” that Samian presents us in the margins of the world . Far from being battered, they are on the contrary happy people, even bright despite their apparent isolation, and philosophers.

“They understood that they were not made for this life and were able to let go of modern slavery,” swimming against the current of all these “dead fish that follow the current,” to live in harmony with the nature and with what their heart dictated to them, explains the rapper.

The show does not seek to “preach for their way of life” parallel, but by their radical choices, stakeholders “incarnate the change” eco-responsible, and show that we can live differently, he notes, happy to have had the opportunity to “give voice to people we hear little”.

“They had the courage to go after their dream, to realize it. […] They found their way. ”

In the end, “between the mass of society and these people, who is the most marginal of the world? if he asks. They found their inner way … and their freedom. […] It’s very inspiring! ”

“What made me buzz is to think that [their journey may inspire some viewers] to ask:” What keeps me that much, me? “” Among those who feel at home. ‘narrow in the’ system ‘, or worn out by the frenzy of modern life.

“Everything is always extremely fast. The world starts to roll if you do not answer their text message within five minutes, because you went to the bathroom or walk the dog … “Samian breathes.

He took the time to live to the rhythm of the speakers, sharing the daily life of each of them for a whole week. “It’s another rhythm, and it feels good, honestly. They take us somewhere else, but they make time stop, too … ”

The modernist spirals worry him. “The company robotizes itself extremely quickly: in Japan, there are hotels without employees, with just robots to take care of you,” he says. There are so many humans and so little humanity today, it’s scary! ”

“Me neither, I am not made for modern life. I do not think we have to adapt to the system. Everyone has to create their own existence, “he concludes.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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