Theatre critics were the culmination of “Amadeus”

Les critiques de théâtre couronnent «Amadeus»

Presented at the Trident last spring, “Amadeus” continues to reap honors: the play has been nominated best show, Tuesday, during the Awards ceremony of theatre critics. The director Alexandre Fecteau and actor Jacques Leblanc, were also rewarded.

Recall that Mr. Leblanc had already received the prix Paul-Hébert in the spring for his performance of Salieri in the adaptation of the text of Peter Shaffer, that Fecteau has chosen to camp in the 80’s. Hotel-God (also directed by Alexandre Fecteau at Periscope), Fire (Trident) and Tomatoes (Periscope) of The orchestre d’hommes-orchestres were also nominated for the award for best show. The latter collective has also won a special prize “for his sustained work and outstanding since its establishment in 2002”.

Among female interpreters, the work of Ariane Bellavance-Fafard in beast on the moon at The Lined has been pointed out. The actress had also been praised for the same role in the Price theatre in June.

The show P. O. R. N. Portrait of Restless Narcissism of Christian Lapointe and Nadia Ross came out the winner in the category of best original text. In terms of the scenography, the efforts of Keven Dubois and Marianne Lebel in the room Hypo (First Act) stood out.

The price of the best show for youth was awarded to The hospital of dolls Isabelle Hubert, in a staging of Jean-Philippe Joubert.

Despite the G7

Presented at the Carrefour international de théâtre, Cold Blood of the collective belgian Kiss and Cry has been rewarded in the category called “outside Quebec.” What make them regret even more the cancellation of his last two performances: because of fears of protests on the sidelines of the G7 summit, the Grand Theatre had closed its doors and cut short the show after a first acclaimed by the media.

The Prize of the theatre critics are given each year since 1985. Thirty members of the media in Quebec and Montreal formed the jury.

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