Trudeau and Morneau try to “sell” the Liberal budget

OTTAWA – The Liberals would be very comfortable campaigning on their economic record, despite the billions of dollars they have added to the national debt, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday.

The gold one stop in a residential development in suburban Ottawa, Trudeau praised the actions of the last budget to make access to the most affordable property.

In an election-style speech, Mr. Trudeau spoke about his government’s “historic investments” in dealing with Canadians.

What is bothering the Conservatives, he said, is that the Liberal approach works.

While Mr. Trudeau pointed to the positive effects of government spending, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer accused the Liberals of harming future generations by increasing debt.

In a speech to caucus members in Ottawa, Andrew Scheer described Justin Trudeau’s Liberals as a “spending government” who disregards the very idea of ​​a balanced budget.


Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau made his own tour Wednesday to “sell” his budget to Canadians, including suggestions that some homeownership measures could lead to higher prices for Canadians. real estate in already overheated urban markets.

The budget included measures to support access to a first property.

Minister Morneau said the government has also taken prudent steps to ensure that additional demand in exponential real estate markets in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver will not lead to higher prices.

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