Twitter: Saudi dissidents spied on, including a student from Sherbrooke

Two former Twitter employees are accused in the United States of helping Saudi Arabia access the personal information of Saudi dissidents who used the social network, including a refugee university student in Quebec.
“These Saudi agents have searched Twitter’s internal systems for personal information about opponents of the Saudi regime and thousands of other users,” said David Anderson, federal prosecutor in California. “We will not let American companies or technologies become tools of repression for foreign regimes,” he added.

The indictment filed in court in San Francisco targets three people, the two former employees of Twitter and a Saudi citizen who was the link between them and the Saudi regime’s henchmen. The document states that one of the victims whose personal information has been compromised is an “influential and well-known critic” of the Government of Saudi Arabia, a refugee in Canada.

The Washington Post , which was the first to release the charges, cited a confidential source close to the case that confirmed that the critic is Omar Abdulaziz, a graduate student in political science at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke. .

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