Two gold diggers at Regart

Deux chercheuses d’or à Regart

Regart welcomes the work of two artists from Brooklyn, Jillian McDonald and Charlotte Becket, exploring the imaginary of the gold rush in the exhibition “El Dorado”.

Even if they teach both in the department of art at Pace University, New York, and have many years of practice behind them, they live for the first time in an artists ‘ centre. Their exhibition begins a new cycle of programming to Regart focused on collaboration.

“They are parts of a common element in their practice, geology as a metaphor of the territory,” says Amélie Laurence Fortin, general and artistic director of the centre.

Based on footage shot during a residency in Dawson City, Yukon, Jillian McDonald has created one of the videos more mysterious and ominous it has the secret. For Valley of the Deer, presented at the mois Multi in 2012, it had peopled the romantic landscapes of the north of Scotland, animal figures chimeric, inspired by local legends. This time, she is interested in the artifacts of the gold rush, and has met with the local community, including workers of mining companies and First Nations, before putting them subtly in a scene in a territory that is both beautiful and raw. Trees and water are shades of ochre and various phenomena, apparitions and disappearances, occur. In its soundtrack, the wind roared, enveloping the entire exhibition and juxtaposing the crackling produced by the works of Charlotte Becket.

This has created sculptures mechanized, made of a waxed paper industrial, which are spread out and recrovillent crawling slowly on the floor of the exhibition space. The black shapes contain gold nuggets, which hide or reveal depending on the random movements of the body. Between art and science, his exploratory approach fits perfectly to the slow geological images of his colleague.

Jillian McDonald exhibited a second video that follows the journey of the Yukon River from Google Earth. On the big screen, the satellite image has a bill almost experimental, highly textured. Four paintings found — exercises in style, showing a lake in the hollow of a valley of trees, it introduced elements that recall the apparitions of his first video: a glacier, a factory unreal, a patina of gold on the water, a cloud of glitter mysterious.

Until December 16 at 5956, Saint-Laurent street, Lévis. Info:

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