Two years less a day for the driver of an alleged pimp

To serve as a driver to an alleged pimp will cost a sentence of two years less a day in prison Maxo Junior Saint-Fleur, 24 years.
Theyoung man from Montreal pleaded guilty Thursday to having received a monetary benefit from the work of a prostitute. He was hired by 21-year-old Elene Dalmeida to serve as a driver for a 18-year-old prostitute, whom he drove between December 29, 2018 and January 1, 2019 from a hotel in Trois-Rivières to Travelodge. from Quebec.

According to the summary of facts submitted to the court, it was Dalmeida and not Saint-Fleur who took care of the photos of the victim, announcements, rates and customers. Saint-Fleur waited most of the time in the rental car or in the hotel.

On the morning of January 1, the young prostitute arrived at the Travelodge reception to ask for help from the police who came to pick her up and arrested Dalmeida and Saint-Fleur.

Once removed from custody, Maxo Junior Saint-Fleur, previously without a judicial record, will have to serve a little more than 11 months in prison. The legal proceedings against Elene Dalmeida are still ongoing.

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