Ubisoft Quebec and Google associated for online video games

Two giants in their field, Ubisoft and Google have partnered to test the future platform for video games in demand, “Google Stadia.” A union that will certainly revolutionize the creation of games, as well as the way of playing.

In the next decade, everything will happen on the cloud, traditional game consoles will no longer exist. It will be enough to have a good Internet connection to play. By partnering with Google, Ubisoft Quebec has been able to test this new technology exclusively, which will give the company a head start over its competitors.

“These platforms will come in a few years to transform the way to create games. The games will no longer be limited by the local power that is available to run the game, but they will be in a data center. It will allow us to better integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence, “says Marc-Alexis Côté, senior producer at Ubisoft Québec.

With Google Stadia, the American company wants to prove that it will be possible to play on any screen video games the most demanding and the best performers that will exist on the market, including a cell phone.

“For now, it’s not possible to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on a cell phone. The battery would be flat in 15 minutes. But with the arrival of 5G and the cloud, there will be no limit, “says Mr. Côté.

Ubisoft and other video game companies will have access to the many integrations developed by Google, which will allow creating more powerful games and universes. “Virtual reality will go through the cloud. Our virtual reality headsets, we want them with fewer and fewer wires to have greater freedom of movement. With streaming , we explode the number of possibilities, “he says.


Currently, you have to pay between $ 400 and $ 700 for a game console and between $ 1,200 and $ 1,500 for a PC to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

“The barrier is quite high. The equipment is expensive if you want a good performance and a good gaming experience, “says Côté.

“Right now, you can not play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on a cell phone. The battery would be flat in 15 minutes. But with the arrival of 5G and the cloud, there will be no limit ”

This reduction in costs may have the effect of reducing the graphic quality of games. But according to the producer of Ubisoft Quebec, the 4K promised by Google and a minimum connection of 30 megabits per second should mitigate almost the difference.

“There will be choices to make. To play in 4K on a PC, you have to buy a $ 3000 computer. We also see that people are using more and more Netflix instead of watching DVDs. Will people do the same thing with video games? I think so. People will prefer instantaneity to quality, “he says. “It will also improve as people’s Internet connection goes up,” he continues.

Cloud means being able to play anywhere, on any device. “Players who are used to playing at home will be able to continue playing wherever they are. It can offer other ways to offer games to our customers, “says Côté.

These new possibilities could make parents dizzy as children spend a lot of time on screens. But for Marc-Alexis Côté, do not worry, since parental control also exists on the cloud. “Parents can put a limit and also receive reports on how much time has been spent playing.”

The official release date of the platform has not yet been unveiled, but according to preliminary information, this will be before the end of 2019. The price is not known either, but we can think that it will be ‘a subscription.

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