V, the authentic and little makeup

V is at a turning point in its history. First, the network bought by Cogeco by Maxime Rémillard is already 10 years old. Then Bell Media is about to get its hands on it, provided the CRTC says yes.
In the meantime, there is a chain to operate, and the existing team unveiled its fall-winter program Wednesday morning. A season marked by the return of double occupation this fall, and that of Julie Snyder in a talk show next winter. Moreover, the host and producer had great news to announce: she won an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, on her set of Ellen’s Game of Games, and we will see in the first week of her talk show in January. A big catch. Julie has also shot footage in South Africa, including one with lions, and is actively preparing for her comeback with her longtime accomplice, Stéphane Laporte. The talk show still has no title.

V leaders like to point out that their channel is the GP that attracts the youngest audience. Last fall, the average age of TVA’s audience was 54, that of ICI TV, 55, while the public of V was only 47 years old. This made Dimitri Gourdin, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Communication of Groupe V Média, say this somewhat dubious phrase that made the room react: “If V was a girl, she would be genuine and little makeup. The Madam de Radio-Canada is old enough. The Madame de TVA is very made up. “Let’s say that I would not have said it like that. Especially since we can not say that Double Occupation girls do not abuse makeup.

It is also next Monday at 18:30 that we leave the OD marathon , this time in South Africa, with a special week En route to OD. For the red carpet, it’s Sunday, September 22nd. And we are already wondering how the production will manage the presence of a trans candidate who has not undergone the operation, a delicate situation. At the dinner table with my ex, the only novelty of the autumn, should pique the curiosity, despite its time slot – the show is broadcast at 19h, along with District 31.In this Quebec adaptation of a British concept, ex-spouses meet around a meal to take stock of their breakup and settle accounts. There are all kinds and all sexual orientations. When one of them points out to his ex-boyfriend that he blames her wrinkles in the forehead – both men are very young -, the other replies with: ” My God , I have paid botox to apologize! “You see the kind. Another question: “How do you find me in bed?” Answer: “It’s pretty average!” Some participants are known, such as the two ex- OD , Sansdrick and Joanie. Eve’s story of the Great Floods brings a good dose of sarcasm. From Monday.

At 18h, An almost perfect dinner back for a 10 th season with the antenna Dean André Ducharme, narration. We are announcing a vegetarian week with former double occupants – definitely, we stretch the OD sauce to the maximum – and a week with the best cooks of the last five years. The titles that worked best are back: Never do at home, Put the Pack, and this winter, Love is in the meadow, Master of the yard and Phil invites himself, which will be declined in half hours, without the panoply of guests. We will already have a talk show, no need to have two. From Quebec, RPMreturns for its 21 th season with Samuel Lessard in addition to the team. From Sunday, September 22nd at 10am, followed by RPM + at 11am.

Even if it abandons its generalist channel, Groupe V Média retains the specialized Max and Elle Fictions (formerly MusiquePlus), and will therefore have to change its name. Management assures that these channels, Maxime Rémillard is still the majority shareholder, are not for sale and will survive the sale of V. Few voices were heard against the sale of the network to Bell Media, but the CRTC could still call hearings to hear the various stakeholders in the community before making its decision. It would be surprising if we are fixed before next spring.

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