Vegetables available in bulk at IGA Lambert in Bromont

The subject of bulk is on the lips of more and more consumers. How to buy without encouraging overpack? Already a forerunner in its ways to reduce its environmental footprint, the IGA Lambert de Bromont has been welcoming its first bulk vegetable bins for the past few days.
The Lambert Market made the announcement on November 14th, prompting many reactions. “This is extremely positive, says Philippe St-Jean, director of the supermarket. It created a really fun reaction. People have a taste for that. “

It has been almost a year since market customers had to bring their own reusable bags with them to pack the contents of their grocery store. The adjustment is especially at this level, says Mr. St-Jean, especially since even the City of Bromont now prohibits single-use plastic bags.

The demand for bulk vegetables had been made by several customers for a year or two, according to the manager. “In the last year, it has intensified. […] Sobeys introduced us to this concept and we were in the first to raise their hands to try it. We already have a bit of bulk, but the concept of bins is IGA Sobeys who offers us that. ”

In the region, IGA Lambert is the only one to have enrolled in the bulk vegetable program for the moment, but the renovation or relocation of some businesses will make room for this new offer.

Pilot Project

“This is a test project,” adds Mr. St-Jean. The concept is here to stay, but we want to see how the vegetables react, which we can put, which we can not put. We can not sell everything in bulk, but the goal is to expand the offer in the future. ”

To answer a question asked by some Internet users, vegetables do not come packaged. They arrive in bulk, in boxes. “We do not unpack them to bulk,” he says.

For now, twelve closed bins allow to have carrots, zucchini, snow peas, beans, turnips and Brussels sprouts. With tongs, customers place the amount of vegetables they want in their reusable cloth bags. Paper bags are temporarily available to customers.

One of the advantages is to choose the desired quantity and avoid food waste, as Carole and Marc pointed out, who discovered this new chilled section on Saturday. “It’s good, but it’s hard to get into the bagless. You have to think about it all the time and not forget about it at home. Society changes and we have to adapt. So we do it for our little children. ”

“Our goal, in the medium term, is that people have in their habits to bring, with their reusable bags, their cloth bags to do their shopping,” says Philippe St-Jean.

Carole and Marc were delighted with this addition, as was Diane. “It’s a beautiful discovery. That’s great ! I just think the section is not big enough! ”


There is a job of education to do and the grocer wants to lead by example. “There is still overpack in the store, we do not hide it, but this concept is a step in the right direction. We have initiatives where customers are allowed to arrive with their reusable dish. We want to be an influencer in the behavior of people, we want to help them change their habits. We want to be a good corporate citizen. We know we’re not perfect, but we have to start somewhere and I think we’re ahead. ”

The eight supermarkets belonging to the Lambert family are all registered in the bulk vegetables program.

In addition, the Marché Lambert de Bromont subscribes to Action reduction, an Earth Day certification. The grocery store is certified platinum. In addition, for some years now, unsold organic materials have been composted. Sobeys is collecting it.

“And we just registered for a polystyrene collection test project. We are one of the lucky ones to receive the concept. Polystyrene recovered from unsold products will be washed and stored. Sobeys will collect it as well.

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