“Where are you going when you sleep while walking …?” On the banks of St. Charles

After two fun-filled festivals on Parliament Hill, the ambulatory show “Where do you go when you sleep while walking …?”, A flagship activity of the International Theater Crossroads, is coming down this year in the lower city to settle on the outskirts of the Saint-Charles River. The five paintings will be animated from May 23 to June 8 between the Pointe-aux-Lièvres sector and Victoria Park.

R enouvelé every two years, the popular theatrical journey will build five new teams of designers who invest so many new places.

At the corner of Irma-Levasseur and Bourdages streets, Maryse Lapierre and Maxime Beauregard-Martin will build a campsite on the Laurentian Highway that will bear the title of Promised Land .

On the Lavigueur bridge, Karine Ledoyen and Ludovic Fouquet will challenge gravity with Points de suspension.

On the rue Cardinal-Maurice-Roy, the company Incomplete will pay tribute to the fishing communities and the power of the sea with L’Anse-à-Vaillant .

Near the Trois-Sœurs footbridge, the scenographer Vano Hotton will present Jeu d’échelles , a painting offering “a poetic and quirky vision” of Québec City buildings.

Under the Laurentian Highway, the multidisciplinary artist Martin Bureau will finally offer a critical look at the consumer society with The Trouble of the Worries .

Created in 2009, where do you go when you sleep while walking …? attracts some 100,000 spectators each year at the International Theater Crossroads. Over time, his paintings spread in Montcalm, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Roch, in Old Quebec and on Parliament Hill. Now coordinated by the author and director Alexandre Fecteau, the ambulatory show will be this year at its sixth version. It will be presented continuously between 9 pm and 11 pm from Thursday to Saturday, from May 23 to June 8.

The complete program of the 20th International Theater Crossroads will be unveiled on April 23rd.

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