Youth Mental Health: QS Calls for Expanded Consultation

Quebec solidaire asks Health Minister Danielle McCann to hold an expanded consultation process on youth mental health. MP Sol Zanetti believes the topic is too important to discuss in a one-day or two-day “expeditious” forum, where too few groups will have the opportunity to be heard.

The e MP Jean Lesage and spokesperson for Qu├ębec solidaire health, Sol Zanetti sent a letter on Monday to the Minister of Health, in which he questions his assertion that a forum of one or two days held this spring is a more effective way to “act now”.

“Opposing the slowness of a parliamentary commission to the need to act quickly appears to me in many ways as a false dilemma. How can taking the time to reflect on such a fundamental issue prevent us from deploying, in parallel, immediate measures to address the glaring lack of intervention resources? “Asks Sol Zanetti, while recalling that more ‘One in five young Quebeckers is struggling with mental health problems and the difficulties of accessing psychosocial services are felt’ as much in the health network as in community settings’.

Regional character

In an interview with the Sun , Mr. Zanetti pointed out that a traveling commission like the one proposed by the Liberals would have made it possible to hear everyone (young people, doctors, nurses, social workers, community organizations, caregivers, etc.). bring a regional character essential to the exercise.

“It’s an issue of public health, but also of democracy. The regions are best placed to find solutions “adapted to the needs of their population, argued the deputy solidarity. According to him, it is clear that several groups or community organizations, underfunded, will not be able to move to Quebec yes to Montreal to participate in the forum. “And anyway, even if they could, they would not have time to talk!” He says.

Sol Zanetti feels that by her decision to only hold a brief forum on such a complex issue, Minister McCann is trying to avoid feeling bound by proposals coming from the field. “We still want all cannons from above, at the risk of not bringing the right solutions,” he laments.

In the office of the Minister of Health, it says that there are “discussions that are held before the forum on youth mental health and that will arrive with lines of thought and solution.” It is also rumored to be expecting around 200 speakers for this forum, and another for adult mental health to take place sometime in the fall.

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